Abdul Alamgir Ali


Crohn's and Colitis 5K Charity Walk 2017:It was a great pleasure to take part in this charity walk in central London on a sunny Saturday afternoon, to raise awareness and money for this great charity.


Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week: I was very honoured again to work with Crohn's and Colitis UK to design social media content for Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week. The overall campaign was a huge success, raising money and awareness.

World IBD Day 2016: I designed the social media assets and create the new Identity for World IBD day for Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

Next Generation Utility: Working closely with PA's American energy experts, I developed the campaign identity and guidelines for future design collateral.


We Make the Difference: Completed my first major project as PA Consulting, this was a worldwide campaign created to give PA consulting group greater brand recognize and showcase the amazing work the company does.

Crohn's and Colitis UK: I was very honoured to have been invited to work with Crohn's and Colitis UK on their strategy and new identity project. This is an amazing and inspiring charity that raises awareness and helps people who suffer from severe chronic illness in the UK.

World IBD Day 2015: I designed the social media assets and create the Identity for World IBD day for Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

PA Consulting - Design Studio: I am very excited to announce that I have taken a full-time position with PA Consulting Group within their highly-regarded Design Studio, after a successful few months freelancing, I was offered a position as an Integrated designer working on brand and digital projects.


Fieldfisher: After two successful years with Fieldfisher (Formerly Field Fisher Waterhouse), I have decided to move on to a new challenge after completing the brand identity and website redesign projects. I leave behind a stronger and more successful design team and firm that is making a great impact in the legal sector. I will be taking a few months out traveling, then taking up a new position in the new year.

Cottage Cashmere: Photography. The art direction and photography for this project was carried out by myself with the assistance of an photographic coordinator. I also edited the footage of the behind the scenes. There was a great deal of planning required to get this photo shoot ready. There will be a website and Catalogue in next few months.

Field Fisher Waterhouse to Fieldfisher: I am proud to announce the rebranding of Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP to the new name of Fieldfisher. The new website also has been lanuched, I have worked very hard to make sure the delivery and quality of this amazing site was ready to lanch as soon as the new name was made public.

Lucy Locket Branding Guidline 2014. I created the new brand guidlines for Lucy Locket, as the brand has gone through alot of change in the last two years and was in need of a refresh. This was a great oppunitity to develop the brand and all other collateral. The new print 2014/15 Catalogue was also completed.


Field Fisher Waterhouse Photography Project: To take photos of every fee earner in the firm. Taken with a Canon EOS 7D DSLR images edited Created in Photoshop CC, 2013, I have taken over 300 photos of the staff over a 3 week period in 5min slots, and also selected & edited the photos over 4 weeks. This was a mammoth task which took a lot of planning and patience from me and my team, to create the right style of photos to portray a confident, modern and approachable 21st century law firm. This has proven to be the most challenging photography project I have undertaken so far in my career.

Have started a new and exciting role as the Lead Graphic Designer at Field Fisher Waterhouse. I will be working on all aspects of the company Identity from the brand to the website. This will be a very long project, with many challenges and trying projects, but the rewards of creating a new successful brand redevelopment of this well known organisations will showcase my abilities to tackle anything.

Joubi Catalogues - I have finished working on designing the new sub-brand for Joubi called JB. Along with with creating a new identity for Joubi, I also created two new catalogues for this summer season. The Black Joubi Catalogue and the White JB Catalogue for Print and Digital distribution.

Lucy Locket Packaging - Designing new packaging for Lucy Locket has been challenging but very much enjoyable and a great learning curve for me, as this was my first major packaging project. Designing packaging is very different to designing brochures and other print products. I loved the way the designs have come out, as did the client.


Streethands - is a non-profit organisation based in the London Borough of Newham. Our primary objective is to prevent children becoming homeless due to domestic violence in the home. Streethands with the help of Origin Multimedia Design organised the ‘Prevent’ Panel discussion and Streethands official launch. I created the Identity and website for Streethands, and have helped create a relationship between the two organisations.

Knightsbridge Green + Crown Place - Working with Bourne Financial for the last three months to develop their company Identity and Websites for their business. They required two Identities for their sub-brands (Knightsbridge Green + Crown Place) along with websites.

Lucy Locket Autumn/Winter 2012 Catalogue - Was great working with Fairy Glam on their Winter Catalogue. I created a Digital and a Print version.

Finally officially graduated from the University of the Arts London: London College of Communication, Class of 2011, with a Masters degree in Graphic Branding & Identity.

Website Creation: From start to finish & Corporate Web Design. So you want to create a website? It is easy to get lost and tangled up in the forest that is the World Wide Web, as there are so many websites types. I want to make sure the clients I work with are not kept in the dark when it comes to the complicated world of website design so I have wrote this article as a easy to understand guide that will help you plan your website from start to finish.

Photo Shoots: A guide for new models & clients. I wrote this guide to help anyone thinking of taking part in a professional photo shoot.

Identity: What makes a good logo?An article I wrote on the suject of logos and brands for people looking to understand what goes into making a logotype.

Mica Creative is leading an International art competition: "My Place On The Isle: Exploring Faith & Identity," which shall be exhibited at the Mica Gallery, Sloane Square, London. My artwork has been short-listed for this year’s best emerging artist.

3FF : Drawing & Mediation, an experimental day of meditation and drawing.

My Website - I have finally finished compiling and designing my website. Gathering all my projects from many years of professional and academic work. This took longer than I thought, but now I am finally glad to showcase my work to the world. 

Joubi - Created by the jewellery designer Joanna Bourne, are fine makers of exclusive jewellery. I was asked to help develop their identity for their new website initially, which lead me to work on the whole brand development.  

Maddie & George - A lovely project to create the Identity for a new high-end children's occasion wear brand.  


MA Graduate Exhibition - I was asked to help organise the end of year exhibition of the MA Graphic Branding & Identity student’s major projects. This was a real honour for me to be part of a great team that helped create and organise the show to become a great success. Showcasing the best LCC had to offer at that level.

British Muslim Identity - I completed my final year MA project on Identity, I created a publication exploring the issues young British Muslims face within Britain through Infographics. I also created a website and supporting documents.

MYO Swimwear - Luxury swimwear brand, requiring a website design that reflects there brand.   

Project Centurion - This was the first project I under took, on my MA Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication. This Project was exploration of circles that led to me creating a brand that revolved around urban light phenomenon. 

Oxford Leadership Programme - I was selected to take part on a summer programme held at Oxford University (Christ Church College), in cooperation with the Prince's Charities. Which is attended by young British Muslims, who have demonstrated leadership potential in their chosen career-paths, community and charity work. By attending this programme, I decided on what project I was going to choose for my final year Masters project. 

Design Rhetoric - MA Project Selection: Deciding on a final year project was a very hard choice, as I was very passionate about both ideas, and have a personal view on each one.

Cosmos - I have worked on Cosmos from its inception, helping this organisation grow has become part of my identity, I have worked very closely with the director of Cosmos (Dominic White) for the last three years, helping bring his vision to life. This the latest update to there very successful website.

Synopsis Solutions - Also took on more freelance work from Synopsis Solutions, working primarily on their high-end client projects and web design briefs.

Origin Multimedia Design - Worked on the Identity and company formation, then took on the role of senior designer there, on part-time bases.

London College of Communication - Started Graphic Branding & Identity Masters degree, at this great institution, which is part of the University of the Arts London.


Business Systems International - Ending four successful and happy years at Business Systems International as their senior designer. 

Sun Microsystems Marketing Award Winners - My team at Business Systems International, were awarded this award for our hard work in making Business Systems International one of the most trusted and reliable resellers in the industry by creating great communication assets over the years.

I am Just a Designer 
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