Abdul Alamgir Ali

Unlike other jewellery brands, Joubi's pieces are designed with the individual wearer in mind rather than a particular fashion style or look. This is so that the wearer can express their own style and yet still feel that the piece is complimentary to their own look. In this way, the chosen piece will take on its own form, depending on who the wearer is and in what context the piece is being worn, whether that be at a glamorous formal event or simply a relaxed evening with friends. View Website (2012: Synopsis Solutions, Photography, Identity & Web)

JB by Joubi is the Sub-Brand for Joubi Jewellery designed by Abdul A Ali in 2013

JB White Digital and Print Catalogue.

Joubi Black Digital and Print Catalogue.

Commercial, 2004
Synopsis Solutions 
Commercial, 2009-12
African Concierge 
Commercial, 2010
Commercial, Web, 2012