Abdul Alamgir Ali
About me

Hello, my name is Abdul Ali, and I’m a multidisciplinary designer focused in Brand Identity and Information Design.

As a designer, I like to think of myself as a problem solver and visual communicator working closely with clients. Not just accepting a brief as it is, but challenging myself and colleagues to find better design solutions. This is one of my key strengths, which I have gained by working for over 10 years in various sectors and creative agencies.

With the modern world increasingly becoming a media saturated society, I feel that the skills and knowledge I have gained from my academic and professional career has enabled me to enhance my creative ability to a much greater level, in terms of greater visual competence as well as practicality. My previous work experience has provided me with valuable and practical insight into successful visual communications and client care. This has allowed me to understand clients’ needs especially in terms of cultural values.  This has also given me experience in creating effective identities, well designed websites and compelling content that best communicates and delivers the brand and core values of clients to their target markets.

Cultivating collaborative relationships has been a dominant feature of my previous projects and as a result, I have developed confident interpersonal skills. This enthusiasm has meant that I have been able to work with a variety of creative minds and businesses within different sectors. In addition to this, it has enabled me to highlight the important role that communication plays in branding, as well as visual and consumer trends.

For any further information or to request my PDF Portfolio or Curriculum Vitae please contact me.


University of the Arts London:
London College of Communication
MA, Graphic Branding & Identity

University of the Arts London:
Central Saint Martins College
Cert, Digital Photography

Brunel University
BSc (Honours), Multimedia Technology and Design

Barking College of Design
BTEC ND Graphic Design, Multimedia & A-Level Art

Docklands: My Journey 
London College of Communication
British Muslim Identity 
MA Graphic Branding & Identity
Digital Photography 
Central Saint Martins College