Abdul Alamgir Ali
Docklands: My Journey

Two or three generations ago, the docks provided employment for over a 100,000 Londoners, yet a visit to the area today shows that this way of life has all but completely vanished. The demise of London's docks in the late 20th century finally ended a tradition of waterside industry that had extended as far back as Roman times. Yet the largest docks still stand defiantly hinting towards their former past. The docklands have played an important role in defining London's Identity. It is a visual exploration and reminder of a time and place where Britannia really did rule the waves. (2011, London College of Communication, Photography & Print)

This is the mini book with the full collection of photgraphs taken for this project.

Digital Photography 
Central Saint Martins College
British Muslim Identity 
MA Graphic Branding & Identity
Urban Light Phenomenon 
MA Graphic Branding & Identity
I am Just a Designer 
London College of Communication