Abdul Alamgir Ali
Business Systems International

I was with Business Systems International for just over four fruitful years. I was employed as a Web/Graphic designer when I graduated from Brunel University working under the Marketing Director. Within three years, I was put in charge of the company’s design team, planning and executing campaigns working along side the marketing team. I have put a cross selection of the different types of work I created during my time at BSi. When I started working for BSi one of the things I was charged with was designing and creating the website, to showcase the company’s extensive range of product and services which I maintained for the duration of my tenure. (2006-10: Business Systems International, Print, Web & Branding)

BSi Brochure's 
Commercial, 2009
Avent Storage Pack 
Commercial, 2010
African Concierge 
Commercial, 2010
Unico Digital 
Commercial, 2004